Saturday, January 5, 2008

And So Enters Brick Walkway...

Two random things about this pic...

1. It started as me dicking around in Photoshop thinking I wasn't going to produce anything. I have a really bad habit of thinking I can just paint in PS without doing pencils first. I start to paint and then just hit a creative wall. I guess I can just think better on paper than on screen. Luckily this one turned out pretty nice.

2. Brick Walkway is a name I have wanted to use for about 5 years now. I think that could be the coolest, lamest, and then cool again name in the world.

SO... Imagine this as the part in the movie where after an hour of characters talking about the "legendary, but locked away in a fortress-prison, yet he is our only hope" hero is somehow freed from prison just in time to kick the shit out of the bad guy who is about to kill the main female lead... he turns to the camera and says... says.... Well, shit... I came up with Brick Walkway... What more do you want from me?!


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