Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Zombie Zoo!

Here is Zombo the zombie monkey and Zombar the zombie polar bear. My buddy and I have this idea for a series of vinyl toys all based around a zoo infested with zombie animals but in a wacky, funny style. These are the only ones we got on paper. We have many, many more coming down the line. I don't know how much we will pursue this as it has been put on hold. Drew this a while back.



Spookie Pookie said...

Damn! thats not fair! i had the same idea for my graphic design project!
we had to choose a theme for illustrations and i chose the zoo, but i would draw zombie animals in black card with white pencil.\Actually i searched for endangered species but i need to have some more known animals as well there...
i thought of making first zombie animal babies OR zombie animal toys.. to represent a zoo..

lol perhaps ill go with these ideas and not the regular animal zombies one!
il save your bear photo for inspiration though. :P
wont use it dont worry im way too ethical when it comes to ths issues. i want my work to be as original as possible

Justin said...

I LOVE the zombie polar bear... I am getting it etched on my leg in a couple hours... I can send you pictures or you can see I will be posting them on my myspace in the next day or so.


Anonymous said...

Just got your awesome Zombar tattooed on my arm. Fabulous~ Please, Please create more zombie animals? They're so adorable.

Thank you.

zookeeper said...

I love your art and but please be aware that I am manufacturing toys called ZombieZoo® and I own the registered trademark for ZombieZoo!
thank you, Zookeeper, www.zombie-zoo.com