Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's Color Some Old Stuff!

Let's take a trip ALL the way back to February 22nd of the '06. I doodled these at my podium (as loss prevention at a popular bookstore) with a ballpoint pen on the back of a couple police reports. >>> Demon Mask and The Chief

Now let's fast forward to now... No longer stuck in the doldrums of retail, now reveling in the freedom of the games industry, I just had to color something and didn't feel like drawing. So I decided to take a new approach to coloring and try it out on these guys. These images were done just with flat colors, then using only a white or black brush with the layer settings "Overlay" and "Soft Light" (two of my favorites).

I then went in and did a little gradient and some strategic deleting to get the rest of the effect (all the while only using overlay and soft light). So I guess that makes this description an impromptu tutorial of sorts. Albeit a pretty shoddy one, hehe.

Hope you get a kick outta 'em!


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