Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mobster Vampires!

Yo ho ho!

A few journals ago I mentioned that one of the side projects I am working on is a game made by a friend of mine from work. That friend is Stephan Sherman, Programmer Extraordinaire. Some of you may know him from the 10th Muse Podcast and a strip club near you (nyah!).

When Stephan isn't programming for the kick-ass game Slipgate is making (that we still can't talk about) or discussing Videogame philosophies he is working his butt off on this game. It involves the Mob and Vampires. That is all I'll say!

These are the "Goon" and "Thug" classes in both human and vampire states.

This image was created differently than I normally do things. I just roughly sketched it then did the rest in Photoshop.



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