Monday, April 12, 2010

Soon I'll Be In One Of Those Retirement Communities

I feel like I'm getting old.

Well, not physically old but mentally old. People say that in this day and age everything moves faster: Kids grow up faster, technology advances faster, cultures and subcultures appear and disappear faster. Does that also mean that people get old faster? "Get old" is probably not the term I'm looking for. "Lose touch" is better. Do we lose touch faster? Will we see 18 year-olds say, "When I was 14 things were way better."

The reason I feel like I am losing touch is the following: I listen to Punk and Ska music primarily. There are other genres that creep in there but I am far more prone to getting into something in those two genres than any others. So, I go to the site to try to keep up with the newest bands. Even though I love listening to it, constantly spinning The Broadways' "Broken Star" is going turn me into one of those "Nuthin's better than Zeppelin" guys. Gotta stay fresh. Problem is I find most of what is mentioned on Punknews to be shit. I feel like I am falling victim to what the culture has deemed is worth a mention instead of discovering music on my own.

Remember when the only way you would hear about a new band was in the "thank yous" page in a CD or Vinyl booklet? Then you not only knew of bands that may have a similar sound but you knew who the dickheads were. If someone's a prick on tour they probably won't get a thank you in someone else's album.

To get back on topic... Since I am guided in my new music discovery by a site that's output is directed by the input of it's culture, I am being guided by 15 year-olds. That's just kind of how it goes. There are fewer old punks out there than there are old folky-types (what are folk listeners called?) and there are even fewer old moonstompers than there are old rockers. The genre kind of caters to a younger audience. Guess what? I'm not really into what a 15 year-old is into. Not because I want to hate on their stuff but because a 15 year-old is at a different place in their life than a 28 year-old. I see flat-ironed hair and ironic band names (seriously though... enough band names that are just run-on sentences) and I cringe. Is there a connection between flat-ironing your hair and being ironic? Ironing... Ironic... Iron....

So, how do I find things I like? Pray that someone from a band I like makes a side-project? That does happen from time to time but I get jealous of the kids out there that can reach out and grab some random music and it's totally tailored to them. They're still in the pocket. Lately I've been hearing the term "90's Fat-Wreck style punk" obviously referring to what Fat Wreck Chords was putting out in the mid-late 90's. It's weird to have your likes suddenly thrown into an era. But that era didn't pass long ago. It was just... Oh, shit... that was 15 years ago. Nevermind.

So, I'm 28 and I feel like a large portion of the music scene has left me behind. I see things like Fallout Boy and Brokencyde and I am utterly confused. If I feel left behind now, what's it going to be like in another 20 years? I going to be telling my kids about the days of Skankin' Pickle and MU330 and how we've never had music like that since. Hell, I already say things like that. It'll be OK, though, because if my kids grow up faster and become out of touch faster they'll probably be bitching about their own stuff going the way of the Buffalo.

I'm definitely not gonna change. I don't think I'm capable of it. But I'm hoping for every 10 A Alexisonfires theres a Heartsounds or a Lawrence Arms or a NOFX to hold shit down. That'll have to do for now.

To end this on a note that makes me feel less old I'm gonna plug a brand new album. The Menzinger's new album "Chamberlain Waits" is awesome. Definitely go pick it up. It sounds a bit like late 90's Fat----- aw, shit!



coNstanza Oroza said...

XD I feel the exact same. And I'm an 18-year-old! *SOB*

Anton said...

I am so on the same page with you. I am hooked to head phones almost 24-7 there is always music, its just how it goes. But I am starting to find that I am growing farther and farther away from the new sounds and sinking more and more into the comfy tar pits of my pre exsisting library of music. Its almost like the world has changed, prioritys have changed in the world Its harkens back to a lot of stuff going on as far as trends, its like everything has to be marketable and nothing really gets to try and stand on its own as a sound or as a band, with every new song and every new band it seems we are given this HUGE myspace,facebook,twitter, clothing line, package that comes with it. Its not a black mix tape your friend made of new stuff from the radio, or some demo-cd someone grabed at a local show in another state and it made its way down the line. It just feels like the new sound is getting lost winthin the trends.