Friday, April 16, 2010

LA Ink Should Commit Seppuku

Wow... what a week, eh?

Not only did taxes suck this year but it seemed to pour as soon as it started to rain. My book's deadline is essentially today (Friday) and my video card died on me. I know just enough about computers to get into trouble. The concept of something breaking on it and me just fixing it is more than foreign to me. So, I just did some quick research on my phone, ran out and bought a new card, and installed it. All better. It was quite possibly the easiest solution to what could have been a huge catastrophe. Of course, I was typing a blog when it happened so I won't consider it a win until this one is up and my PC hasn't committed seppuku.

Right now I am up burning a couple CD's for a short car ride tomorrow while talking to Sir Galloway. I've seen his next book and it looks really cool. I think people are really going to dig it. As soon as these discs finish burning I am going to try to get a painting wrapped up. When I burn a mix CD I get really into it. I make sure the whole disc has flow and has a strong opener and a good middle song for a centerpiece. I even make sure the end is strong and has just the right tone. Quite often I even consider my audience. Who will be in the car with me? How would they like this song? I can't be the only one who does this. Am I?

Anyhow, tonight was another insipid episode of LA Ink. I honestly don't know why I watch that show anymore. When it first started it was really entertaining. The format was strong and the people were likable. It seems that at some point they decided to take all the parts that people liked and get rid of them entirely. Now it's just an hour of unrealistic, forced plotlines and snazzy editing that make conversations sound like they took place over days instead of minutes. Sometimes it sounds like Stephen Hawking is have having an argument with a Mac. It also doesn't help that people do this weird thing with their clothing. You see... as the days go by... people change their clothes! Gasp, right? It's hard to follow a show when one scene someone has completely differently colored hair than the day before, but reverts back the following day. I don't think that show has anymore seasons left in it.

TV plays a pretty big role in my day to day. Even though I have a DVR I still make sure I am home for the shows I like when they come on. I say I own a DVR but it should really be called a CFALAOM which stands for "Craig Ferguson And Law And Order Machine." Lately on TNT (I think) they have been showing episodes of Law and Order from the first 4 seasons or so. It's awesome. Those are the seasons they seem to shy away from so it's awesome to see them. It should also be stated that regardless of his agenda if Sam Waterston ran for President I would vote for him.

TV has shaped a lot of who I am the more I think about it. Growing up I watch a lot of cartoons from American and Japanese creators. Later a lot of sitcoms and now a lot of everything. TV shows are one of the best conduits for people to get a message out (that goes for all things entertainment, of course) and that's why it bothers me when someone says "Oh, is that a Television show? I don't really watch TV." It's not that they don't watch TV that bothers me so much as the tone they employ. TV is not a bad thing... you just have to know where to look. In that way it's just like anything else. A great message can be communicated on something like Law and Order or 30 Rock just as well as a great novel or a newspaper article. It's up to the viewer to extract that message from the context of the show and that's something that we are getting increasingly worse at as a culture.

Alright, enough of that. Let's wrap these shenanigans up. What I'm listening to right now is the same as what I'm burning. It's a bunch of random shit and I'm too tired to list it here so I'll pick my favorite song from the list. Hmmmm... Right now I'm feeling "War Profiteering Is Killing Us All" by The Suicide Machines. What an awesome farewell album for that band.

Alright... I'm out.

Peace and Carrots, goons!


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