Friday, July 30, 2010

Whoa! What Happened?

Sorry for the absence, peoples. Things have gotten very, very, busy. It's that good kind of busy though. I am going to keep this entry brief so I can get some sleep.

I have a lot of exciting projects in the works that are consuming my time but I can't talk about any of them right now. It's killing me, but we'll all have to wait.

I'm going to devote one paragraph to a mini-rant. Here we go.

I am sick of assholes shitting on people's concerted efforts at making something they love (I am aware of the controversy behind using the word "concerted" in this manner but I am purposefully ignoring that and moving on with my life). We have a difficulty these days with separating opinion and preference from creative rights. I see less and less objective criticism and more personal attacks on people that are just trying to put something out into the world that they believe in. For instance, I dislike Lady Gaga. I can't stand listening to her music. Does that mean she should die or she is destroying music? No. She is making music that has an audience and all her fans should be able to listen to it all day long without the peanut gallery claiming they are morons or philistines. Having an academic knowledge of how David Bowie makes better music than Lady Gaga and openly sharing it is the equivalent of having a dickhead degree and telling someone their hair looks stupid. It's just a matter of care, creativity, love, passion, energy, heartache, etc. being poured into some sort of endeavor for it to merely be reduced down to a simple statement of "That shit's dumb and so are you for liking it."

How about something like "It's not for me" instead?

Don't lose your passion, just drop the pretension. It's not worth sounding like a dick.


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Preach on brother